About me (the facts)

After the technical posts of last weeks, I thought it was time for some content again.
In a previous post, I’ve showed you an example of my about page. It’s the summarized story of my life, how I grew up and why I do what I do.

Additionally, I would also like to provide an overview of some facts of my life. Small things that are typical to me, and where the visitor may recognize his/herself in. Some are funny, some are sad, but they’re all true.
Here’s a first draft of the list:

About Nicolas De Corte (the facts)

* I always feel more like partying on working days than on holidays
* I would like to be a moviestar, but the most I accomplished is being extra in a local theatre association.
* I would like to be able to live of photography or writing
* I would like to be able to play the guitar without having to learn it (same thing with skateboarding)
* I speak fluently Dutch and English, quite some French and I can explain myself in Spanish and German
* The first words I normally learn in a new language is “hi”, “bye” and how to order a beer
* I would like to go into space
* I can sometimes have an unexplainable urge for traveling
* I don’t eat pork, but did eat a grasshopper in Mexico
* I spend too much time on my portable computer
* I sometimes try to remember how life was without cell phones
* Which music I like totally depends on my mood
* I like too hot way more than too cold
* My favorite TV show all time is The Sopranos
* I can be found on following social networks: Facebook
, Twitter, LinkedIn and Couchsurfing.
Everywhere I go, I try the local beer.
* My favorite drinks are beer, red wine, all kinds of rum cocktails, Sprite and fresh fruit juice.
* Mosquitoes don’t bite me

It still looks a little short to me, and I’ll take the time to look deep into myself to find some more facts about me. Maybe I’ll need to ask some friends or relatives...

I have to admit that this is not my own idea (I wish it was). I found the inspiration for doing this on the website of Nomadic Matt. I found it a very original way of describing yourself, it looks like a lot of meaningless points, but when you put them together you get quite an idea of someone’s personality.


Annabel Candy said...

Yes, definitely feel as if I know you a bit better. It reminds me of a Facebook note someone persuaded me to write called 25 Random Things About Me. It was actually quite fun. You can read the whole thing there but here's an excerpt:

1.I'm shy and writing this was a hurdle I wanted to overcome.
2.I love most shades of green and red.
3.I ran for 24 minutes this morning and it wasn't that bad. The wind was blowing, the sea was crashing and I felt truly blessed in my life.
4.I miss my friends and family in England, New Zealand, Costa Rica and the States.
5.I wish they could all come to live in Australia near me.
6.I'd like to earn some money this year.
7.I'm mad about surfing and wish the surf was up more often but not too up, just a little bit up.
8.I am half way through my first novel and also starting a blog type thing.
9.Whether you call it ornithology, twitching or plain old bird spotting I'm right into it.
10.It's hard work being a mum but it keeps me off the streets.

Wow! That was a while ago (6 months?) definitely not shy about writing any more and not running either but still walking lots.

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