V2 officially down

Yes…it’s true… I finally decided to put the old website down.
While I was reviewing the progress of the new website, it came up to me that it became time to leave the past behind and start looking at the future. Sounds quite philosophic, doesn’t it?
According to my (current) planning, I should be able to put the new site online on the first of November, which is in about two months. As this blog is also progressing, I noticed an increased number of visitors to who ended up viewing the old site. This is why I thought it would be nicer to put an under construction message instead.
The thing with under construction messages is that they all look alike: a couple of roadwork signs and some text saying that the website can’t be entered. BORING! Everybody has seen this a thousand times and to be honest, how many times do you return to see if there’s already any progress? Probably not much huh…
Therefore I wanted something else, something that wouldn’t just scare the visitor away.
After renting the Hollywood movie the Bank Job last week, I noticed the cover of the DVD was in newspaper style. It consisted of small articles and pictures which attracted my attention and made me want to have a closer look.
Now I knew what I wanted: an under construction page in newspaper style. I didn’t want to put too much work in it, after all it’s just a temporary page, but still I wanted it to look professional, so I started searching the internet for some kind of template. Soon I found exactly what I wanted on the GTemplates website.

Please have a look at and let me know what you think about it. Do you think it’s better that a regular under construction page? Are you attracted to read at least one article?
The only fear I have is that when you see this first, it might look like this is the actual website and not like it’s under construction. You probably have to read a bit before you notice that this is only temporary…

For those who still want to enjoy the old version, it’s available at


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